feath (feath) wrote,

london olympic torch

10. Whitechapel Road (15:45)

3.02pm Ed Coode, running from St. Paul’s Cathedral to Cannon Street
4.04pm Gail Emms, running from Whitechapel Road, east of Davenant to Stratford, Great Eastern Street Road opp Meridian Square,

i got to check street names, although it says this on one site:

In Tower Hamlets see the Emperor and the Tiger spectacular and performances from Kinetika to celebrate the arrival of the torch near Whitechapel Tube.

Which should mean its just feet away :D

at Whitechapel, it switches to a bus for a bit of the trip. So, that means, from my house, when i get to whitechapel, i have to go up a block, or I'll likely only get a picture of it getting onto a bus. Now, that wouldn't be so bad, but i want to get pictures of the bearer running. too. :D

Sunday - god, i hope i don't forget!
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