feath (feath) wrote,

Man, I'm having hot flashes like you wouldn't believe. I feel like I have a fever, I'm radiating so much heat.

I've been coughing, wheezing and rattling, so I've started a preemptive regime of pregnaslone. Lets see if it works like it should.

I down loaded fire fox, cause hubby raved about it. with reason! IE (if you're still using it, WHY????) is like a snail. Mozilla is like a grey hound compaired to IE. And fire fox to Mozilla?

Firefox to Mozilla: Eat my bubbles!
Mozilla: Bubbles! Bubbles! My bubbles! Hey, where'd you go?*

We got a nice canvas covered wardrobe from free cycle today! Hurrah! maybe now I can cover up some of this clutter.

*Has someone been watching Finding Nemo lately? um, could be.
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