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more details

i see from questions on previus post, that i was scanty on details.

i have copd as well as asthma. a couple of days ago i mentioned illregular heart beat. this was a signal - maybe - of things to come.

early monday i woke up with bad asthma attack. 3 neb treatments did nothing. told pen to call 999. ambulance took fucking forever. 15 mins? not sure. told pen i was going to pass out. going numb (didnt hurt, not so scarry) ... told him i was going to die, too. felt like it. very fast detariation.

ambulance arrived, asked no stupid questions for a change. slapped me into a chair and put on truck. the ambulance door was my last memory for a while. i passed out. the rest is what pen told me later.

the ambulance drives freeked out. slapped 12 lts ox2 on me. this is protocol. the thing is, with that much oxygin in lungs, the brain said "ok, got enough air. breathing not necessary." so i stopped breathing.

at emergency, they cut back the oxygen, which started me breathing again. but now, my lungs were full of carbon monoxide. guess what happens when you are full of that? yup. your brain shuts down breathing again.

by now, my bp is 240/140, trying to get o2 rich blood from lungs not wworking. right ventical start to swell. docs debated giving me trec, or tube down my throat. exrays showed no infection, but swelling heart. instead of trec, they went with this machine, cant remember name, that blasts air into your lungs, and therby blasts monoxide out.

worked like a charm. bp went down, breathing steadyed, and i woke up to hubby saying "that was too close, dont do it again"...doc later said i had been on "razers edge". it was a close thing.

24 hours in icu...24 hours in reg. room, and i want to go home.

i wont be able to respond to replies, but will read advedly. tired now. shitty "keypad"...like tv remote.
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