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security gate

Okay, I can't find the link, but some of my older f-listed-peeps might remember an incendet in last october where I accedently locked myself out of the house.

Today, I went to the post office, and it was raining and windy. I wasn't just holding on to the umbrella, I was holding onto the umbrella for dear life. I thought I was going to turn into Mary Poppins. Boy, oh boy, was I happy to get home. he. he. he. To find I'd locked myself out. Hubby and MIL were gone. I waited a while, but they didn't get home. With a groan, I head for the side security gate.

The neighbor chicky is at her door. She's watching me like I'm jack the ripper. I say hi, I'm your neighbor, will you let me cut through your garden so I can climb my back gate? I forgot my keys. She shakes her head. Gee, thanks. I wait a bit more for hubby and MIL, but no idea when they'll get home.

Yes. I climbed the damn security gate again. (for those who don't remember, its about 10 feet tall, and made of iron bars with spikes on top) At least this time I had shoes on. And a borka, which kept getting caught on the spiked iron bars. I jump down, BAM, and fall to my butt. THIS TIME, I missed the 1 blessed glass bottle in a two mile radius. I had to use the same knee to push myself up (and it had only JUST HEALED, too, I'm serious, this thing hurt for MONTHS after last time). but now... I have the back fence. This one I consider a walk in the park compaired to the security gate. Up and over -- only breaking 2 nails. Pash. A piffle.

The back door is locked. *wimper*

However, I DID forget to lock the bedroom window. In I slithered, a theif in the day. Shahhe freeked. Who is this black thing coming in through my window? But I am in. Yay, go me! My arms hurt like hell, my legs hurt, my back -- doesn't hurt that much. I figure once the pain pills I'd taken earlier wear off, I'll be feeling that just fine.

I swear, I'm going to find a place to hide an extra key, cause I'm TIRED of this shit.
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