feath (feath) wrote,

I'm getting more spam than I am regular email. They are starting to sound desperate -- the same subjects comeing from different 'people'. (someone doesn't have the code right, so it comes in as *%[code phrase]%*, silly people.

cleobourne lost net connection, it's going to be a while before it's up again. Her SO hasn't gotten a job in months, and they finances wont cover it. They can barely pay rent right now :( If cleo doesn't give him a swift kick in the butt soon, I think I will.

It's been discovered my grandaughter, who is 6, has been sexually assalted. We've found this out because shes been mastibating in class, and was found giving a blow job to a 9 year old boy. She wont tell us who introduced her to this activity, although we've formed a good guess. Cleo is taking her to a shrink to see if we can find out who (for sure) and start the long road to healing.

As for the guy we think did it, he better fucking pray the cops get to him before I do. I missed T.G. when he fucked up my girls. This is a THOUSAND times worse than what T.G. did. I'm so angry, I feel cold.
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