feath (feath) wrote,

hurrah! I managed to buy a ticket for granddaughter, kat, to come visit! I was so broke, i couldn't get grocerys, but next day, -everything- came in, and i was able to get the ticket, grocerys, and (if i can get down there) some rugs for my floor.

of couse, now that i got a shit load of things to do, my ashtma kicks up. I'd intended to go get my meds and some rugs today, but last night i stepped on something, and messed up the bottom of my foot. i cant walk :( ... so got to figure out a way to get around. things to see, people to do!
I guess the trial will be if i can get my trash out. if i can do that, i can do the rest. slowly, and with a huge limp, but done. thinking about it, if i had a cane, i could do it easier. but i didn't bring one from the other house. oh well.

I'm really looking forward to having kat. she's picked france as the place to visit - she wants to see shakespeare and company bookstore - if i can find it heh. got the addess, by find it, i mean, FIND IT. i need a paris map. of couse, we'll hit the louvre as well. you can't go to paris and not go to the louvre. or at least, i can't. and this time i'll have a camera!

Before she travels, i got to get down to the airport and verify the credit card. and have paperwork i need to print off from the web. hope my foot heals up quick!

I was looking at eruostar as a way for kat and me to get to france - they have disability prics, but it seems, only for those in wheelchairs. i guess i need to call them and see if the disability prices are also for those disable, but without chairs. its not a huge difference in price, but every bit helps. anyone got an idea on that?
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