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http://goo.gl/j6sO0e Neanderthals blamed for pretty much anything bad in humans. Bad article in that it doesn't give any links to studies.
How many ways does this article -offend is too strong a word- annoy me? Let's count the ways ....shorten the rantCollapse )

Jan. 26th, 2016

2300 / 15000

I'm aiming for 15,000 words, but I strongly suspect this short is going to be a 'quick read' closer to 5k heh


OMG, I'm writing! I've been editing for so long, I've forgotten the freedom of just creating.
Just started a new novella.

And I'm using my word meter, too :D

although it doesn't seem to be looking right on lj
for some reason it's changing all the " (double quotes) into ' (single quotes). How weird is that?

I can clearly see where the error is when inspecting, but can't find the problem in the code. :( Tom did the code years ago. It seems to have broken itself, cause I didn't do it!

100 / 500

Looks like I'm going to have to figure out how to code a new word meter. Or just give it up. *sad puppy eyes*

Although tests show it works fine on my webpage. it must be LJ coding messing with it.
however, all this shit has messed with my will to live, much less to write.

writers heh

Someone just discovered that writers, well, write. And *gasp of amazement* research. Although they call it 'immersion'.
"I did nothing but read about 1922 for five years." says woman, just incidentally plugging her book. I got her beat, though, I've been using the "immersive technique" for 50 years.

word meter

When updating feath.com, I accedently deleted the word meter. This is the very old April Fools meter. Well, I put it back. It's probably going to stay in the old place, as there's too much code to change if I want to move it.
Here it is: April Fools Word Meter

100 / 500
Yay! It's up! I did it; chuffed!
Radio format, spoken story with background noises. Static visual.


I got feath.com cleaned up. check it out.
A link doesn't give me a pretty picture. I must need a header or something.

I like how it looks.

Neanderthal Mythos - fly or die!

Release the Neanderthal spirits!
Neanderthal Mythos has been released to most main book distributors, like Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple, among many others, including hundreds of library's world wide. And this isn't even counting the many independent websites that pick up ebooks to offer on their site.
Except for smash, I can't see how many people have picked up their free copy of Mythos. I've no idea how many are floating around. I can see on one independent, there are 275 'looks', but not how many got it, and that's just one of many.
Neanderthal Mythos isn't a 'grand adventure' book, like Season of the Sand Bird is. It's a collection of short stories, mainly cautionary. (You won't see "don't put a plastic bag over your head", but you will see "don't sleep in the shade of a leopards tree".) These are the stories told around the community fire, aimed at keeping Neanderthal children alive.
It's out of my hands now. Only word of mouth will determine if Mythos is worthy.
Season of the Sand Bird, a full novel about the lives of Neanderthals, is due out in 2016.
Season of the Fire Snakes, continuing from the end of Sand Birds, is due out before 2018.
Season of the Shadow People (working title), will complete the trilogy, and is due when it's finished.

Get your free copy!